Current state of VST support on Linux

Hello all. I am seriously considering the Flatpak Linux version of Ardour’s latest. Does it support VST (2 / 3). As most, it is the U-He products that interest me, so any configuration that evidently supports those products, is of interest as well.


While you are welcome to use anyone’s build of Ardour, or build it yourself, I should mention that the developers of Ardour do not provide support for anything other than the builds we provide. That includes versions built/packaged/distributed using Flatpak.

When you use the Flatpak version, you also need to get plugins via Flatpak, or work your way around the Flatpak sandbox (a flakpak application cannot access system-wide installed 3rd party software).

For the same reason Flatpak’ed Ardour cannot use JACK, either, but that is not usually an issue.

Yes, Ardour supports VST2 and since version 6.5 also VST3 on all platforms, and u-he plugins are know to work.

Still you can get a demo of Ardour and demo versions of u-he, so best try before you buy,
which is always a good idea.

Thank you both for answering.

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