Cue/Clip launcher questions ideas

I’m really seeing a lot of possibility in this workflow for my self as a tool for live performance. It’d be great if eventually it might be possible to have a hybrid mode with the time line. For example you could have looped and sequenced regions. Where on input loops could give way to a sequence passage or vice versa - I suppose this is almost crudely possible through follow actions etc…

Also being able to record on the fly would be interesting, but I guess challenging to code. There were a few small apps that tried this workflow but they kind of faded out. “Arranged Live Looping” is one term for the concept. ALK but it looks to be abandoned.

I’m wondering if I learned enough LUA - something similar might be possible? There was an effort in REAPER as well.

I noticed Paul observed in his interview with Unfa that people got their parts exactly right when live looping - there is actually a safety feature in this software the lets you trigger a predefined part if you faff the recorded bit!

Anyway I just wanted to put the idea out there. I know it’s a lot of work, and I’m not complaining!


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