Cubase-like theme

Some new Ardour’s color theme for cubase fans.



You’re getting better and faster! These would be better filed at (whenever it comes back up) rather than being on the forums.

Agreed, these themes are looking interesting.


I’m glad to do a little something for common work) Thanks!

@Paul - “(whenever it comes back up)” - you mean:

Database connection failed. Error received from database was #1045: Access denied for user ‘ardour’@‘’ (using password: YES)…

…when I try to come to Bug Tracker?

Few days before I’ve made an account (“cooltehno_bugs”) in Bug Tracker (by past @Seablade’s advice), but didn’t sort out enough yet…

Yes, the webhosting company is having issues getting things to work right. It is very frustrating.

hey @cooltehno

what setting/color changes the “Solo” and “Audition” buttons in the Transport section and Monitor Panel and the “Feedback” button in the Transport Section?

Hi, @braxtons12!
I use the palette color


for these items. If you change this color in Edit>Preferences>Theme>Palette (just need to place the mouse cursor above the color - to show the number of color), it will generally change the fill color of the items you specified.

If you want to make a different color for each item separately, you need to find (Edit>Preferences>Theme>Irems):

rude solo>fill
rude audition>fill
feedback alert>fill

and choose the different palette color.

Potentially, you’ll need to change Punch In/Out buttons, you’ll find it

punch button>fill