Crowdfunding Pitch Video – Sound mixed in Ardour, plus Impulse Response Gimmick

Another one! A video with speech and grand piano, film mixing done in Ardour: begin to… ein Crowdfunding von Anna Ohlmann für den Soundtrack aus euren Wohnzimmern - YouTube

The audio was recorded into a Tascam DR70D field recorder. For speech I used a Sennheiser AVX wireless system with autogain and a MKE2 Gold lavalier mic. Some field sound went directly into the cheap internal mics of the DR70D, a wind fur was attached. For the piano recordings I used a X/Y pair of Audio Technica AT4041 into the DR70D.

As a special gimmick, I recorded some bursting balloons in that church from several distances. One of these impulses I mangled a bit and used it as an impulse response in IR.LV2. So when the film “teleports” from the home interview into the church together with the piano music, the reverb that becomes more and more apparent is that actual church reverb from this very church.

It was my first attempt at recording impulse responses in the field, not good enough for studio work but certainly nice to have for that video.

I edited the video in Lightworks together with the audio and some CC0 sound design samples from Once the editing was done I did stem export / import into Ardour and all the mixing with IR.LV2, Harrison AVA LegacyQ (piano), Harrison XT-MC, FabFilter Pro-Q 3 (speech), Voxengo Elephant as a master limiter. I think I used Voxengo Voxformer as a De-Esser.

If you like the project idea shown in the video (in case your German suffices, sorry for that), consider crowdfunding: - if the project succeeds, the outcoming piano live album is very likely to be mixed in… Ardour, of course.

All the best