Crossfades vs fades

There is something I don’t catch really well with the fades in Ardour, but it might be because I don’t know where to look or dig.
The thing is all the fades in Ardour seem to be crossfades, meaning that the sound seems to go down and then comes back up.
Is there a way to insert « classical » fades out or in?
It is probably because I don’t know where to look in.
Sorry for this question and thanks for a possible acknowledgement .

This is not a description that matches what should happen.

All our fades are crossfades, but a crossfade between whatever is below the region with the fade and the region itsellf

Hi Paul,
Thanks for such a quick answer.
I am not yet in front of my desk (French time) but I will groove around and try to be clearer.

So sorry to be somehow so… amateurish.
You gave me the clue.
The fact is, one must be aware that, if they are layers under the
« front layer », then the fade lets the underneath layer comes up while the upfront lawyer goes down ( in an outfade in the case).
I couldn’t wait and went back to the desk!!!
Thanks, again, a lot for such a clear and immediate answer.
By the way, let me tell you that your work,imho, is really efficient.
I like so much the fact that your software is just thought and released to make the job, with no extraneous, useless « shiny » stuff.
Ardour7 seems to be even more fluid than previous releases.
You certainly know it already, but here, in France, when I have the chance to work with aknowledleged sound engineers, more often than less, your software is the one which is running on the computer.
Thanks again and all the best.

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