Crossfade advice


I am trying to crossfade between 2 songs with DSP-Quattro, but even with the tech support’s help it still doesn’t work (let alone make complete sense).

So I have found Ardour, and being an open-source aficionado thought I’d give it a try. I took a look at the online manual, and read the sections on regions and crossfading. However, I must admit to being somewhat confused. Perhaps if I explain what I’m trying to do, some kind soul will let me know if it’s possible…

What I have are 2 stereo .aif files of the same song, but one has vocals and the other is instrumental. As the 1st verse annoys me now, I want to begin the song as the instrumental version and crossfade to the vocal version in the interlude before the 1st chorus.

I think all I need to do is put them in some kind of playlist scenario and crossfade from the instrumental version to the vocal one. I would like to be able to experiment with the points where the crossfade begins and ends, and what kind of fade “curves” are used, if possible. After I get a crossfade that I like, I should want to export it as a new stereo file.

If someone could lend me their knowledge I’d be much appreciative!



Import both files “as new tracks”.

Trim down the instrumental track to contain roughly the material you want.
Trim down the vocal track so that it starts later (in the right place).

Now drag the instrumental region into the vocal track.

Slide the regions representing each file around to get the overlap you want. The overlap will show up as a yellow region. Once you’ve got the positioning correct, right click on the xfade and pick “edit” to mess around with the curves in use (if you need to).

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