Cross-platform compatibility

Hi, is Ardour identical one all platforms? Not under the hood of course but with regards to Gui and functions, and of course aside from platform specific necessities. What I mean is: if I where to write a book about Ardour would one book be enough for all platforms? Thanks

Essentially yes. More complex topic there, but it is doubtful you will come across many differences if any other than things like differences in the capabilities of the audio backend, which can be platform specific, or plugin support differences, etc.


Okay, thanks Seablade

Even under the hood, there are very little platform specifics, the code is rather portable. As Seablade said it’s only really system interaction that’s special cased: Audio/MIDI device setup & plugins. Keyboard shortcuts on OSX are different (command/option) on OSX vs (ctrl/alt) on Linux, Windows, BSD,…

If you seriously consider to write a book, please check with existing endeavors. Bruno announced a book-sprint this summer to update, the reference manual is woefully incomplete and also open to public contributions:

Thanks x42. Regarding the book, well, my native tongue is German, so what I can write will be in german anyway. I don’t consider myself fit enough to write a book in English. But first of all I will take some weeks to get to know the ins and outs of Ardour. I come from the cubase world, I’ve even written a 700 page book about it and know what? I’m so tired of it. To me Cubase was ready 10 years ago, it did everything I ever wanted from a DAW. Same with NI Kontakt / Komplete, 75 Plugins, 17.000 sounds, 440 GB, come on, give it a break. But that’s for another thread maybe…