Cross-function vertical scrolling

Hi! Did somebody faced with the cross-function problem while the vertical scrolling the editor?

(1) If the mouse cursor is occasionally placed on the automation state button - this stops the view scrolling and changes the state:

(2) If the mouse cursor is at the midi region area (during “E” (Edit) mode) and some notes are selected - there’s a situation of breaking vertical view scrolling and beginning of changing of midi velocity:

(3) Also we have a cross-function with Alt+scroll combination in the editable region when some notes are selected (the velocity changes even if the Alt key is held down):

Is there any possibility to add some additional key: for example remove the Alt+scroll from zooming the region and give it to global vertical scrolling? … or maybe any decision? Thanks!


I’ve experienced 1) too …

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I second that, it’s extremely annoying…

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I agree with the comments above, these can be pretty annoying. On the other hand, it might not be easy to find a good alternative, as scrolling for note velocity and faders are also standard.

Is it possible to some how detect if the scrolling began as a vertical scrolling and then keep at it even if hovering over MIDI notes or faders?

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With the fader the rule can be realized, as an algorithm:
0 - if the mouse cursor is at the fader - Ardour tekes this as a fader changing option;
1 - if the mouse cursor is at the none fader - this is the option to begin the vertical scrolling.

But I’ve continued the idea with the midi notes, and got the ambiguous situation:
if we start to scroll inside the region, where few notes are already selected - Ardour doesn’t know what we want:
0 - to change velocity of the selected notes
1 - to scroll the global vew vertically.

May be the additional key is still the decision, also the existing combination can be logically extended:
Ctrl+Scroll - horizontal ZOOM IN/OUT
Shift+Scroll - horizontal moving

(and the edditional proposal:)
Alt+scroll - global vertical moving
Ctrl+Alt+Scroll - global vertical ZOOM IN/OUT
(sacrificing of the existing Alt+Scroll - a local vertical region zoom)///

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