Crop the start of a project

Hi I have a large project I am working on, I have around 30 audio and bus tracks built up around the original song. The original tracks have about 2minutes of garbage at the start, so right now my song range starts at around 2:20:00 in the time line. I want to crop my song so it starts at around 10 seconds to give myself a little lead in time. How do I actually go about doing this, and preserving the alignment of the tracks?

Simplest method: just move the “start” marker to 10 seconds. No editing at all.

Second method: Ctrl-a (select all) then move the mouse to the colored bar of one region, left-button press+drag to trim it and all others, release. then with all still selected, left button press+drag on a region to move them all to the start.

Hey thanks for the quick reply. I guess I wasn’t very clear what I am trying to do.

Method 1 seams to only move the start marker, and not adjust the tracks, so this wont work.

Method 2 can work but I will have to move all of my markers by hand, and this will be tedious.

I will try and be clearer about what I am trying to do.

I’ve created a range called “delete” at the start of the project, How can I cut this range and all of its contents, which will in effect move the entire song down the time line, and preserve the markers in the proper locations.

My song is 28 minutes long plus some change. the first 2:20 of the song is empty dead space. It exists because when importing the original tracks, there was lead-in junk to be edited out later (false start). I would like to move the entire project including the markers down the timeline so the song starts at 10 seconds instead of at 2:20, although I would be happy if the song starts at 0:00:00 if that makes this any easier. I am looking for a way to delete the first 2:10 of every track in my project while preserving my markers, and keeping everything aligned.


  • add a location marker, call it song start or whatever suits you
  • select the edit point mode to be ‘marker’ (can be ‘mouse’, ‘marker’ or ‘playhead’)
  • left click on the marker to select it
  • ctrl+a for selecting all regions
  • press the s key to split at marker
  • drag over all split regions on the left hand side of the marker
  • press delete key
  • ctrl+a to select all remaining regions
  • drag to the left to align everything to an earlier time

There is no function in ardour to “remove this part of the timeline and move everything earlier”. It would be a good idea. There is a way to do it in sort-of two steps - move all regions, then move all markers (of a certain type). To select multiple markers, click the first one, then shift-click the last one. then drag any of them and they should all move (assuming you are using 2.8; this might have gone into 2.7 as well).

Ardour hasn’t historically treated the notion of “everything that can have a position on the timeline” as a selectable “thing”. I’ll give some thought to this - it seems that it would not be too hard to do the move.

Thanks for the replies to my post Paul and Thorgal.

I can certainly make due with how my project is currently setup. I feel it might be too much of a hassle to keep everything aligned if I move it all down the time line. I assumed that there was a simple way to do this and didn’t expect it to end up as more work for Paul.

I believe audacity lets you select all within a region or simply what you can drag and drop a box around, and delete the data, which in effect would move everything further down the timeline to the start of what was deleted. If not Audacity then I have seen either Acid or Cubase work in this manner.

Anyway again thanks for your replies, and I look forward to Ardour 3!