Critique at will!

Here’s two tracks recorded using Acid Pro and then Mixed/Mastered using Ardour GTK2 and Jamin. The whole ratio/threshold/gain has me still a bit confused, so this may be compressed/squished a bit too much. Give me your thoughts… but be gentle… I am just the drummer after all!

Not my usual taste, but enjoyable! :slight_smile:

Listening to it on my Sennheisser HD200 headphones, there’s a serious lack of bass and too much treble (these 'phones are pretty fair with bass as far as i know (which isn’t far at all)).

Too much kickdrum Click, (EQ)
very narrow guitar sound, a bit distant (EQ)
vocals are not ¨in your face¨ (compressor)
Oh and the snaredrum needs more punch (compressor+tube emulation)
But these are dependant of taste…
I think the panning is too wide, how are your monitors? (Jamin can solve this a little, but it´s a mix thing)
I don´t hear Jamin pumpin´, so that´s a good thing:)


Sounds good! I would “tighten” up the snare a bit with some EQ and the vocals are a bit “behind” the mix (at least for me). I would also recommend overall leveling like a multiband compressor in the final stage of the mix. Other than that the songs sound strong (good guitar sound) !

I’m new to Ardour comming from a P.C. running Sonar 8 PE with all JBL monitors in a 5.1 setup (flat responce). Well that’s my 2 cents worth LOL!

Up to that point, I wasn’t doing anything in Jamin. Check out the new mix (with some of your advice put into action).