Crisp up a washy shaker

So I’ve got this shaker track on my rough cut

Do you think I can crisp it up? should I throw in the towel and use a different instrument? does it even need fixing?


Assuming you are the artist, (the creator of that interesting musical piece)… I prefer not to tell a person (especially a person I don’t know as well) what they should do. Artistic respect!

Is that the only existing mix, or do you have each of the percussion on seperate tracks? If so, trying pushing the shaker (if you want more). If not, record a seperate (additional) track of just a shaker that you can adjust.

Have fun, experiment, don’t forget to save and export different mixes along the way (so you can compare).

However if you are open to comments, I’d recommend recording the percussion into different tracks, the main (bass, snare, etc.), shaker, cow bell as at least three tracks and experiment with placing the cow bell slightly to one side and the shaker to the other side. Perhaps a SLIGHT touch of reverb on the shaker as well.

However that said, I still think it sounds cool as-is.


Thanks for the sweet tips, Doug, I’ll try them out! The cut we have here is mixed down from 5 tracks - Djembe, cowbell, vocal, shakerplate and techno. I’d like to know how to pan tracks in Ardour… (I love the audio lingo… did I get it right?)

On an unrelated note, where are you from?

Olympia Washington, the State

and np on the rest – just an idea.