Credit Card Only

Hi forum.
Nice to be here. I just tried to subscribe for free upgrades but I’m not able to. The reason is, I’m not an owner of a credit card. Paypal tells me, they will accept credit cards only. Sorry, but I will never get a credit card, because I don’t like these kind of expensive, tricky bankers plastics. Do you have any suggestion, how to become a subscriber without credit card?
Have a nice day

This is a country-specific policy of PayPal’s. We have no control over it. There are no alternatives for subscriptions at this time (despite me having investigated several options over the last several years; in fact, most of the potential alternatives require credit cards in all countries, not just some). The international banking system is still not providing what we need, surprise!

This can’ t be the very last news in international billing-systems. But after fiddeling around at your site I found out you’ve made it possible to download without subsribing, anyway. Thank you very much. But for good work I like to pay. Can you send me an email with your account data for regular payment please?
Best regards

mreisback: i’m based in the USA. You paying me via international wire incurs a bank charge that is probably greater than or at least a substantial fraction of what you would pay me. You can always reach me via email at And for the record, this is the very last news in international billing systems that involve subscriptions.