Creative ASIO - Latency and buffer size

Hi there,

I’m trying to move from an old Cubase 5.1 setup that work fine for years.
There is nothing more to do in Cubase than select the “SB Audigy 4 ASIO 24/96” and set the latency into the creative asio panel to something acceptable for me (between 4 and 7 ms).
Under Cubase i can record up to 8 instruments in 24bits 96kHz with ton of effects on each track without any “pop” or “crackle” but under Ardour crackle and pop com directly after i add an backtrack and/or an a guitar track.
In the Audio/MIDI pop-up i tried thousand of combination without success and the only that seems give away the pop and crackle was the “buffer size” but i had only the choice between 192 or 4288 samples.
The 192 samples setting give me crackle and pop but with good instruments response in the other side 4288 samples setting give me clear sound but with slightly latency making instruments impossible to play.
It’s like there is no other sample setting possible like 256 or 512 samples.
Any one have these kind of issue ?

use 256 or 512 when you want to monitor thou Ardour. when you mix or master you can use 2048 and more. crackle and pop or clicks that comes from
Ardour is random, as I understand it - Ardour dose not record this pops and clicks except if you get xruns - this is when Ardour missed to get some sound information from the sound card and can’t get it back, this is bad. if Ardour only pops and click a little(randomly, not recorded clicks) you can just save you session and set you sound card to a higher buffer size. Yes I can agree that pro tools or cubase are better at automatically handle this problem(or if they just hide the problem somehow), but Ardour is okej for me I can have 10 ms-20 VSTs and 10 CLA-76 compressors in Ardour without any problem or latency on windows 7.