Creating Mono Audio Bus

I am having problems creating a mono audio bus; even though the channel default settings for creating a new bus is mono, once created are the buses always stereo. This is making me a problem since exporting the stereo bus leads to a signal amplitude addition and making results too loud. How can I create a bus with one output?

By default, sessions are created with a master bus and all tracks & busses connect to the master bus. Consequently they have the same number of outputs as the master bus has inputs. This is a setting in session properties (and in preferences).

Before answering your question, where do you plan to send the output from the bus?

p.s. in general in pro-audio, it’s often not helpful to talk about things as “stereo” or “mono”, because many processing elements can differ in their input and output configuration. We prefer to use terminology like “1in/1out” or “1in/2out”.

I am working on a 4 channel work, there are 4 buses which will be exported as separate tracks/channels.

What will they be connected to ?

Do you mean to in terms of hardware (4 loudspeakers)?

Put differently, what will the signal routing from the output of each bus be? Via the master bus? Direct to physical outputs?

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Yes, the buses will be routed directly to the physical outputs. That’s why I want to have 4 different channels exported.

So, you have two choices.

For an existing session, create a new “mono” bus (it will likely be 1in/2out if the master bus is stereo), then right click on the output button of it’s mixer strip. This will show the routing. Right click on one of the outputs and a context menu will allow you to remove this port. You can also use the routing grid to connect the (now) single port appropriately.

If you work this way a lot, investigate Edit > Preferences > Signal Flow to learn how to set up a session where there’s no master bus, and everything gets directly routed to physical channels.

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Or use a 4-channel master bus. I think that would be more typical for a dedicated surround-sound type session.

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