Creating master buses

I’m trying to make a template session, where I got a pre-setup environment I can just open and go. Only when I create some master buses, for the basic groups I always have (drum, drum parallel, guitar, keys, etc) and I add tracks, the tracks end up in between the buses and the master, instead of left of the master buses.

How can I create buses that indeed function like part of Master section, as in that they stay visually connected to the master channel, while new tracks are added on the left side of those buses?

Thank, Paul.

I tried to set the position selector to ‘before selection’, but I couldnt find the position selector. It’s there when I create empty tracks, but not when I import tracks. I just checked again, but its not there.

You do not create master busses. There is 1 master bus, and that’s it.

You have only limited control over the ordering. The hard-coded design is:

[ tracks & aux busses ] [ VCA masters ] [ master bus ] [ monitor out (if any) ]

You can freely order tracks and aux busses within the first section. When you add new tracks & aux busses, the “Position” selector in the dialog allows you to specify where they will initially show up, within that first section. This selector is insensitive for VCA Masters, because you cannot intermingle them with tracks & aux busses.

You cannot “attach” aux busses to the master bus (visually). You can get the result you want by (1) select the leftmost aux bus (2) choose “before selection” for the position when adding new tracks.