Creating an Application Bundle on Linux

I’ve built/ran master succesfully on Linux
and wanted to create an application bundle to run Ardour on my ‘studio’ computer.

Following the steps from here

cd tools/linux_packaging
./build --public --strip some
./package --public --singlearch

When running the second command, I get the following error:
cp: cannot stat '../../build/gtk2_ardour/ardour-6.0.pre1.143*': No such file or directory
and indeed ardour-6.0.pre1.143* does not exist in gtk2_ardour folder.
So the final package is also failing because it searches for ardour-6.0.pre1.143

In the gtk2_ardour is however an ardour-6.0.pre0.3579 file

So I wonder what I’m doing wrong,
thanks for any help.

It looks like you did a ‘git pull’ after you had compiled ardour-6.0.pre0.3579 and before you tried the packaging.
If so you have the pre0 binaries but the source is pre1 and expects pre1 binaries as well.

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I’ve ‘cleaned’ and recompiled again and now it works.
Thanks for your help.

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