Creating a fork in a project

Is there a way to fork a project? My publisher asks for instrumental versions of songs, and rather than risk messing up the original recording I’d like to be able to clone it to a new entirely independent project. Can this be done (other than by, I presume, exporting the stems)?

Session > Save As


If you are worried about the underlying media (and desire absolute independence), could you not just duplicate your entire project folder and rename the session once opened? However, I’m unsure whether source pointers are absolute or relative.

Session > Save As, per the manual, does not recreate the entire folder structure, and just creates a new session file so might not give you the “entirely independent project” you were hoping for.

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Indeed, I tried Save->Save As (on an earlier version, 5.x I think) and it all went horribly wrong, both the old and ‘new’ versions, hence my question. I’ll try just copying the lot, worth a go!

Hmm I was thinking that functionality was changed a while back for some reason but I will chalk it up to lack of sleep right now.

Yes all else fails as @backstudies mentioned, just copy the session folder to a new location and you have your fork of the session:)


If you’re simply remixing the same recorded material, saving as a snapshot and working on the snapshot as a new project might suffice. It would save you from doubling on storage by copying all your .WAV files.
Each snapshot is a separate .ardour file so there’s no danger of interfering with the original or with other snapshots in the same project.

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Thanks for the replies. I tried simply copying the whole project and renaming it. All appears well :slight_smile:

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