Creating a custom timecode fps

I’m starting to do a bit of animation using the latest version of Blender. It syncs to Jack perfectly and I’ve got both Ardour and Blender playing together nicely. One issue that I’m having is that Ardour doesn’t seem to let me use a custom timecode fps. In Blender I’m using 18 fps to give it a more stop-motion aesthetic. However, I can’t seem to set up Ardour to use 18fps. That would give me a much more accurate reference for animating to my audio timeline.

I guess all that I’m wondering is whether there is any way that I can set a custom timecode fps. I’m currently looking under [Options] --> ‘Sync’ --> ‘Timecode fps’.


Short answer not without coding. Longer answer is a question, what exactly is the benefit you are getting from it? The FPS setting only controls Ardour’s internal clock display when set to SMPTE really.

Personally I have done all my work at 24 FPS when working with Blender projects but I haven’t played around with syncing them up at all, only syncing rendered video to it.


Playing around with it some more it didn’t seem like a big issue. The main benefit that I see is being able to go through in either Blender or Ardour and writing down the exact key frames where specific actions/sounds are needed that can then be matched up on the other end. Ultimately it’s pretty minor, I was mostly wondering if I might have missed something or if there was some other way to set it up.

Thanks for the info.

It is certainly helpful to have the correct FPS so you can do edits sync’d to frames etc on the grid, but it shouldn’t affect your sync between Blender and Ardour to much, thus my question above;)