Create theme question.

When creating a theme, I was unable to figure out what controls or changes the level meter color in the mixer? I saw when switching the themes there were a couple of different colors on the meters, so i’m inclined to believe it can be done.

@errmoo: go Preferences>Theme>Colors>Palette. If you navigate mouse over any color (without clicking), there a name of color will appear - “color 1”, “color 2”… Some of them have a name like “meter color 1”, “meter color 2”… Change them until you get satisfying meter appaerence.

Some of the meters have fixed colors because they are defined by a standards body such as the EBU.

The normal peak meters can have their colors modified, but unfortunately doing so is tediously difficult.For reasons that are hard to justify, audio meter colors are not defined as color aliases, but as part of the palette. Specifically, “meter color0” through “meter color9”. Because the palette is sorted by color tone, not by name, these aren’t easy to find.

Probably easiest to just edit the them file with a text editor to set these.

Thanks a lot guys, I played with palette colors and that did the trick!