Create Censor Beep with Ardour

Hi guys, it’s possible creat a censor beep to censor a point of my audio track? Thaks in advance.

I think you can use every kind of sound you want. Even the guitar. You can use the punch. When you are in the right place, just play an harmonic on the guitar and you’re done. Or a note on the keyboard, or a bottle, whatever you like.

Ok, but at the moment, i use a Censor sound, that i download from web, but is there in the program a functionality, that allow me to apply a censor sound? I use ardour for vocal record for a small web radio in my city.

Is it an audio or midi sound? If it’s audio, you can use import in the main menu

There is no specific function to allow you to do this. The simplest technique at present is probably this:

Import your desired censor sound into Ardour, leaving it in the region list.
Drag it from the region list to each location where you want it to be. It will be on top of the existing audio, and you can move it or delete it at will.

A wonderful question.
I cant find the means to generate a tone in the menus, if that is what you are asking. For something like that, you can create a long tone in an external program (the freebie Audacity can do this), save it as a file and fly in little slices of it when needed.
I do radio production in Washington DC and use “censor beeps” all the time. Sometimes its more fun to replace the vulgarity with a duck, a doorbell, a cuckoo clock, bowling pins, a frog or even a Big Ben strike.
Viva creativity.
Viva Ardour.

Heh a simple sine wave oscillator plugin can be automated to do this in Ardour, depending on the sound you want. There are a lot of them out there, including quite a few LADSPA plugins as well IIRC. I have used one for this purpose for instance.


Seablade - - Fantastic solution!
I get so caught up myself in what features are – and are not – included as “stock” in a software suite that I forget about simple plug-ins such as you suggest.
Viva creativity.
Viva Ardour.

Looks like the topic came up once before, in 2010: