Create automation from compressor to add to vocal track

Is it possible to use a compressor to write automation then add it to a track. I’m trying to create my own vocal rider effect so I’m wondering if I can sidechain vocals to a song then use the automation data from the compressor to add to a track so the vocals can always be above the music

Short version is no.

The reason is because Ardour has no idea what the plugin is doing to the audio, it is only giving the audio to the plugin and receiving it. The plugin would have to provide control information to Ardour that it could record in some fashion, which most compressors do not provide for when they are working as that isn’t really their point. There are some that provide this functionality I believe, but have not personally tested it, for instance the Waves Vocal Rider plugin, but those are plugins specifically written to allow what you want.


if you find an envelope follower plugin rather than a compressor, one that outputs midi data you can use that in a roundabout way to do automation. If you use linux I made the infamous envelope follower for exactly these sort of things.

How exactly does this work with what I have in mind For automating Vocals. I’m confused with the midi thing. How can I set this up.
Does it work for ARM cpus such as the raspberry pi

You’d probably put the envelope follower in a bus, and send the vocal track to it. Then connect the midi output from the envelope follower to ardour’s midi control port. Enable the generic midi control surface and then do a midi learn on the parameter you are automating. Its a bit awkward, but should work.

Would this let the plugin do the automation or would I have to do it manually. And also I have a vocal rider type plugin but it doesn’t work on Linux. So I’m looking for a Linux alternative. Are you the creator of the plugin if so are you able to create one Iike the vocal automation plugins

It will do the automation automatically once set up this way. I made a video (its not the greatest but hopefully you get the idea data )
I am the author. I prefer modular plugins like the pure follower and having it control whatever effect you can dream up, and it should work fine for vocal automation too. I unfortunately haven’t had time to make a new plugin for quite a while.

Oh ok cool. Will it work on ARM based processors

There are compressor plugins which have sidechain input. Is there any particular reason that you want to write automation data rather than just have the plugin operate in real time? For a compressor like I mean there would be input for the track where the plugin is inserted, output from the plugin, then a third port that you would connect to a send output from the vocal track. The combination of send output level and the settings on the compressor plugin would determine how much the level of the vocal track affected the level of the other track.

Well I have wanted the automation data so I can use it across Different systems I will be using. I may not really need the automation but I just wanted to see what the compressor is doing and if it’s actually doing what I want it to do. And I’m thinking if the compressor is writing the data, I can then turn off the compressor and I can use the data on it’s own or however I want.

@ssj71 so if I put the plugin to a buss and add the vocals etc and do the midi thing, the plugin will automate the vocals to let’s say a instrumental, will ardour show me the automation data points, have you tried this out before,

mrskytown: I haven’t tried that exactly, because I typically don’t record the output of the envelope follower as an automation track. It should be possible though, just connect the midi out from that buss to the ardour control midi input port and set ardour to midi learn on the parameter you want to control. Set that automation track to write and play the range you want the automation in. Once that’s done (you should see the automation points) set that automation track to read.

I’m interested in how this works for you; your feedback is very welcome.

Thanks I’ll have to test it but have to try with a Linux distro to test