create audio dvd with 6 tracks

hej out there, this is not too much related to ardour only but anyway i d like to ask:

i need a 6 channel audio dvd for a sound installation, it shouldn t be surround or something, just 6 different audio channels that gonna be sent to 6 different speakers. i thought the easiest way to do this is export 6 single tracks from ardour and then use some dvd-authoring tool to create a dvd with no image (or if necessary with blackscreen-movie) and a surround track, and then just use the outputs of the dvd player to send the single channels to different speakers. does anyone has experience with that, or recomment me a decent dvd authoring tool? thanks :slight_smile:

well, i guess this question was too much off topic…
but anyway if someone is interested:

with cinelerra you can make a surround panning for your audio tracks, for different arrangements of speakers. so you just hard pan your 5 tracks to the 5 loudspeakers… then create a .mov file with a blackscreen- video and “surround” audio, then you make an iso out of it with devede or something similar…
playing it back on a simple dvd player with i.e. 5 outputs into the mixing desk, and from there to your loudspeaker arrangement in the installation… and that s it… :slight_smile:

A quick note to let you know that someone is interested. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information, I’m sure it will come in handy. I’m getting deeper into DVD production and will eventually need a method for multichannel audio.

I’m don’t typically use Cinelerra but if it’s what works I’ll try it.



but what is much easier, is using audacity for it!
you have to go to preferences, import export: enable “use custom mix”,
and then in the export menu you can assign the mono channels exporting “surround” to an .ac3 file…