Create an independent duplication of MIDI track

To be honest I’m not even sure exactly how to ask the question, but here we go!

I have a MIDI melody that repeats a few times in my session. I’ve duplicated the region to a few different places. I’d like to transpose that melody up an octave (doubling the original) at some point, but whenever I transpose the region, it transposes ALL the regions/duplications with that melody.

I guess this makes sense - if I edit the region to fix a mistake, I don’t have to edit each duplication separately, since they all come from the same source. But in this case I would indeed like to edit just one duplication up an octave.

So I guess the question might be - how do duplicate the source to have an independent region to transpose? I suppose I could record again up an octave, but it seems like there must be a more efficient way.


Right-click on your region, go to > MIDI, and work with the “Unlink…” options.

Bullet point #3 under “Notable…” heading

Thank you! That “unlink” option was hiding in plain sight. Looks like I need to do a read through of the MIDI section in the manual again.

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