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Hi, if I read the manual at The Ardour Manual - Adding Tracks, Busses and VCAs I found “The list of available track templates (both factory and user-created ones) in the left panel allows for choosing the track’s type (e.g. Audio, MIDI, bus, VCA, etc.).”
Good, so I can create a Track template (a track with a specific instrument plugin with my customs parameters), perfect.
If I read at h t t p s :// I found exists a Template manager, in wich I can Import or Export a template (session OR track), but where I can’t create it.
My question is: How can I create a track template, so that I can use it in the new track window?

Hi Giacomo,
in order to create a track template, first you need to create a track and add your favorites plugins. Then, in the mixer view, right click in the name of the track…

Now, you should choose, save as template and write name and description for the new template (don’t forget to click “save”).
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Finally you would be able to add a track and choose the track template you’ve created.


Great! Thank you L_Pro!
A change in the manual, adding in the page The Ardour Manual - Adding Tracks, Busses and VCAs a reference or a description to explain how to add a template will be usefull…
Thank you again, G.

Thanks. Will be a time-saver, por moi.

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