Create a simple guitar track with Ardour Windows

Hi everyone,

I just downloaded Ardour for Windows and I am trying to understand how to get my audio interface to work so I can create and record a guitar track. I have a Line 6 UX1 for my interface and Ardour seems to recognize it with no trouble. What I am having trouble with is getting any guitar signal to Ardour. If anyone can guide me through the process, it would be much appreciated!

So when you open Ardour and create a new project or select an existing project it will bring up the “Audio/MIDI Setup” menu. It sounds like you already have your UX1 selected as your input and output device. If not, start over and be sure to do this.
Once your session is open, you need to first create a track for the guitar. With Shift+Ctrl+N you will bring up the new track dialog. You want this to be an Audio track, and probably mono.
Now that you have a track there for your guitar you have to take care of all the routing. You can bring up the “Audio Connections” menu with Alt+N or from the Windows menu on the toolbar. The vertical axis of this menu is your inputs and the horizontal axis is the outputs. First you want the guitar to feed to the new track you created. So on the vertical axis select the “Hardware Inputs” tab and on the horizontal axis, select the “Tracks” tab. Create a connection from the UX1’s input to the new track you created for it.
Next, that track’s audio has to actually go somewhere. So on the vertical axis, select the “Tracks” tab and on the horizontal axis select the “Busses” tab. Create a connection from the guitar track to the master buss. Since your guitar track is in mono you probably want two connections here, one to the left channel of the master buss and one to the right channel (or else you will only hear the guitar in one side of your headphones/speakers).
Finally, the master buss needs to feed back to the monitoring/output channels of your interface. On the vertical axis, select the “Busses” tab, and on the horizontal axis select the “Hardware Outputs” tab. Create two connections from the Master Buss to the Outputs of your UX1. Left channel to output #1 and right channel to output #2.
Hope this helps, its always a little crazy to explain this in words.

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A quick note: unless you opted specifically to always use manual connections, all of the outbound connections described above (track->master bus, master bus->physical outputs) will be done automatically for you.

Occasionally, the selected physical outputs are not correct for a given audio interface, but this is rare.


Thanks everyone! I finally got it set up and receiving signal. I was also having latency issues until I used ASIO instead of MME. Now to find some guitar amp/modeler plug-ins!

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Update: Podfarm 2.5 works great in Ardour for Windows 10 (x64). Still having some minor latency issues. May need to update my interface drivers.