create a instruments synths of ardour

An idea for future versions ardour create a series of synths based on various type of synthesis (fm,addictive,sottrative,etc etc) and a sampler open source,and insert of templates for mix

There are no plans for anyone directly involved in the development of Ardour to get involved in any notable synth programming.

We prefer to rely on (good, well-designed, well implemented) plugins which can be written by anyone. We have plenty of other stuff to be workng on.

@ gennargiu the u-he synths (not open source) work fantastic with ardour and are hard to top

Bristol emulates a broad range of vintage synths, including all of the synthesis types you described. The modules are started from a command line but integrate nicely with JACK and ALSA.

Hi guys, thank you for your interest in the synths and Ardour argument, i know the products you listed as u-he and Bristol that offer ample possibilities of sounds and advanced features, i’m sorry that at the development level there are no people In Ardour staff specializing in the creation of open source synthetic instruments considering Ardour a great international team that passionately and strives to carry out this wonderful project in the audio / video production sector.