crashing when closing program

Whenever I try closing out, it crashes. Is anyone else having this problem? I’m running Windows 7 64bit.

so your version is win “nightly build” Ardour 4.1? right?
Its been told, no support, no anny update…?

There is no win comunity yet, but you should write more about your setup.
How you start ardour, you run jack (qjack ctrl)…
here is irc for helpin on windows.

My one is not crashing, and i “experiment” with 32 bit version!!!
Please, understand this, i do not use it for daily DAW work, but i hope i can do it soon.
So i “test” it.
Until now i can record, mix, automate and export; quite good!!!
But i miss some ( Calf, invada) plugins from …nix world!!
I miss some functions i must have ( in Wavelab for batch processing and so on).

What are you doing with ardour?

We’re still interested in bug reports for the windows platform

It’s a chicken/egg situation: If there are no bug reports, nobody will fix it. There are already a few windows-specific issues reported in the issue tracker (and some already fixed).

I cannot reproduce the crash at exit (testing win7 pro, 64bit). It’s either system (audio-device) or session-specific. still misses a “windows section” so here it goes:

  • get and install a debug build from
  • Start -> Ardour -> Ardour (GDB)
  • a command-terminal comes up -- don't panic :) Ardour starts normally
  • When ardour crashes (or hangs,..) . Do not press the "Close application, to MS" button.
  • go to the command window. press Ctrl and C to get a command prompt.
  • type thread apply all bt and press enter
  • type quit and press enter
  • phew. The hard part is done.

In your user’s home folder (start-menu > User’s Documents or simply use the Expolorer to go to you Documents) there is now a file ardour-debug.log.

Attach this to a bug-report on along with a brief description how you produced that crash. Thanks in advance.

ackattack321 any news on this? I could probably take a look into it in the next few days of you send us the backtrace.

Indoubidably. I have recently installed ardour on windows and it crashes for me each time I exit. [e.g. after hitting “dont save”, or not altering a new session at all and immediately exiting. Same scenario.

Win 7 32bit
Ardour 5.4


Attaching a comment to a thread that's a year old is never the right way to help get bugs fixed. Please re-read x42's answer above to see the right thing(s) to do.


I am very sorry. And yes, I have made a bug report. The problem remains that - due to the fact that it freezes completely and has to be killed of by taskmanager manually - I am left of without any crashreports whatsoever.

I have tried debugging this crash with the nightly build GDB.
The problem is that the very same thing happens - instant freeze. Nothing is added to the log file related to this. It just stops at this point.

I have attached a debug log to the issue I posted over at Mantis.
It has a bunch of “internal-error: sect_index_data not initialized. Further debugging may proove unreliable” at the startup [at least 20 until the UI was fully loaded] I don’t know what that is about and whether the debug log is now actually worthwile.