Crashing when choosing monitoring

Hi to all! Thanks in advance for reading and helping.

Im using a UR22 as audio interface.
I installed Ardour, started recording, but there is no sound coming from the UR22. Not even metronome…so I tried to set monitoring in session/settings/monitoring. When I check “use monitor section in this session”, Ardour crashes…
In Audacity, everything works fine.

Can someone help me? Im new to recording and Ardour as well… thanks!!!

What settings do you use? Window > Audio/MIDI Setup?

For the UR-22, try “buffered-i/o” with ASIO driver.

Usually Ardour requires exclusive access to the soundcard. So while Audacity works, Ardour won’t run simultaneously.

That may also explain the crash: If Ardour’s Engine is not running (no soundcard), adding/removing the monitor-section causes a crash (that is a known bug in 5.12).