Crashing when choosing monitoring

(mtoma88) #1

Hi to all! Thanks in advance for reading and helping.

Im using a UR22 as audio interface.
I installed Ardour, started recording, but there is no sound coming from the UR22. Not even metronome…so I tried to set monitoring in session/settings/monitoring. When I check “use monitor section in this session”, Ardour crashes…
In Audacity, everything works fine.

Can someone help me? Im new to recording and Ardour as well… thanks!!!

(Robin Gareus) #2

What settings do you use? Window > Audio/MIDI Setup?

For the UR-22, try “buffered-i/o” with ASIO driver.

Usually Ardour requires exclusive access to the soundcard. So while Audacity works, Ardour won’t run simultaneously.

That may also explain the crash: If Ardour’s Engine is not running (no soundcard), adding/removing the monitor-section causes a crash (that is a known bug in 5.12).