crash while using zoom keys

Lately I noticed some crashes in Ardour 2.7.1/2.8 that happened fairly consistently. If I zoom in or out using the + or - keys, it will almost certainly crash after several steps. However, using the mouse on the zoom buttons, I cannot reproduce this crash. This seems to happen more frequently as more regions and crossfades are added to the session. Has anyone else experienced this, or should I file a bug report?

bug report, preferably with backtrace (

I can’t seem to reproduce the bug anymore. It was happening last month while I was working on a time-sensitive project which didn’t give me much opportunity to debug it. There have been plenty of SVN updates since then, so perhaps it’s been fixed. I kind of wish it was still there so I could give you some useful information.

I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced this bug, when I zoom in Ardour redraws very slowly and eventually just hangs. I might try and produce a backtrace when I find the time.