Crash when changing device in Audio/MIDI setup

When I open a session in Ardour then go to Window > Audio/MIDI Setup and change the Device setting, it crashes every time for me.

I was switching between the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver and the Focusrite USB 2.0 Audio Driver. Switching both directions causes a crash.

If it is helpful, here’s the debug output:

Ardour Nightly 64-bit Debug, Full version | Windows 7, 64-bit

The ASIO backend still needs a bit of work. if you can reproduce this crash, please try to get a backtrace.

Start > All programs > Ardour 4 > Ardour GDB

(gdb) run

… make it crash - I assume windows displays some “Application crashed” dialog. Before clicking OK there go back to the gdb terminal, press Ctrl+C

(gdb) thread apply all bt

(gdb) quit

You should have a file called ardour-debug.log in your user’s home dir. File a ticket at and attach the log.

PS. at the time of writing the most robust backend on windows is still JACK.

I have just installed Ardour 5 on Windows 7 64bits, and I face to the same issue :
Each attempt to start the audio engine after selecting ASIO driver leads to a crash of the application (APPCRASH - Ardour.exe - StackHash_bb89…). No crash when selecting a MME driver, but this kind of audio interface is not appropriate for a low-lantency use.
This post is 4 years old, and I suppose that the ASIO support in Ardour has been improved. What is the present situation ? Is there a solution or a workaround to this issue ?


Does it work with other ASIO soundcards?
Does it help to enable “Buffered I/O” in the Audio/MIDI Setup dialog?

Enable the “buffered o/i” switch did solve the problem !
Thanks a lot