crash triggert by calf monosynth lfo rate automation


first of all: my english isnt very good, but topics like this are complicated, so please forgive me some mistakes and my simple english. :wink:

i run ardour on ubuntu 12.04 lts, version 3.5.380.

for my intro, i tried to make a wobblebass with calf monosynth, wich is slowed down by automation. so far, so easy. unfortunately ardour crashes during transport, when the positionmarker arrives the end of the automation line. it doesnt happen always. sometimes it works, sometimes not. the initial frequency of the lfo is 9,33 and it ends up at 0,29.

at first i thought it may be caused by frequency-scaling, wich was still turned on. so i turned it off, but the problem persists. at this time, i produce on a older laptop with 2.1 ghz dual core, wich is definitely not the best performance. but the processor was not on its limit. could it be caused by a to slow performance of this computer anyway?

if not, what else is possible? and how can i get this solved?

any answers please optimized for idiots :wink:

greetings, canis.

i found out, that the crash happens, if a midi-note-end and a point of the automation comes at the same time.

there are known bugs with midi which are being worked on amoung some other very important stuff.

jump on the IRC and ask the people there , might be able to shed light on wether its a midi bug or if it is the plugin (calf plugins have been known to cause issues asweel))