Crash Log after quitting

Hello list.
I’m pretty new here so I’m not sure if this is the place to post this.
I’m runnning Ardour 6.0 on mac 0SX 10.15.4.
After each time I quit Ardour OSX brings up a crash report dialog box. Quitting Ardour seems clean (to me) and the startup is again fine.

I’m attempting to upload it but posting it here brings up an error message that the message has too many characters and I cant seem to upload a RTF.
Thought I should probably post about it?

Hi Ashito,

This is not normal, does this only happen at quit, or also when closing a session only?

The bug tracker allows to attach files. Or you can copy+paste text to a paste-site, such as (and then link to there).

If neither works, we can exchange it by email.

One thing to try is perhaps clearing preferences (while ardour is not running):

In a terminal window:

mv ~/Library/Preferences/Ardour6 /Library/Preferences/Ardour6.old

Or remove the folder using Apple’s Finder (Go to Location $HOME/Library/Preferences/).

Hi Robin.

Thanks for the reply.
I don’t seem to have that file in my prefs (even after showing hidden files).

I’ll attempt to log it into the bug tracker.



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