crash if want to leave settings window

Hi there,

i installed Ardour 5.5 on Win10 and for some time everything went fine. Then i changed the scaling in the settings-> GUI window. From then on, if i want to leave the settings window, ardour crashes.
Changing the scaling back to default, uninstall - reinstall and trying with a new project didn’t solve the problem. Every new session now loads into the settings window and finally crashes, when i want the mixer/editor window.

My last step would be a new win10 reinstall but that would suck.

Any help is VERY welcome.

cheers eighty

Re-installing ardour won’t change anything. Try to delete the user preferences in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Ardour5\

As for the crash itself, that’s odd. If that continues after resetting the preferences, we should investigate that.

Deleting user preferences helped. I knew of saving user data externally from the linux world but it was new to me, that windows adopted this method. Thanks alot.

As for the crash: since i could not exactly recreate the situation that lead to this behavior i wasn’t able to do a bug report.