Crash - Data away

Hello all :slight_smile:

I got a big problem by recording a Hearbook. I used Dyne-Life-CD with nest on Harddisk, were I saved my Projektdata.

After round a boute one hour recording and periodly saving, I got an error I cannot 100% write down here, because of Life-CD without WLan…

Something like this:

“Programming-Error: … something with the buffers…”

After this I only could press “exit” and Ardour breaks down…
OK - I start it and firstly I get the ability of use a saved Backup. But this Backup isn’t useable! If I push the Play-Button, I can here that the soundsystem changes by get a vibration on my Headphone, but the timeline doesn’t goes forwards. I cannot here my recorded voice.

Because of a little bit training in programming and linux I tryed a little bit and first I add a new channel and copy&past hole the track and save. I got no good result. So I stoped my searching for a good result - and do my work for the next pages on my Book.

OH - NO - the same Problem and the next datas a away. OK I know … the datas couldn’t be away realy… so I opend a bash-shell and looking for the XML-Files, because I got an Error “… source-Id= 4531” and I realy find this entry in the XML-Files.

Firstly I earsed the region. But the result was, ardour didn’t start.
I started to read … read … read… hole the XML-File.

YES: I could repair the second “Big Trouble”…
But my first experiments maybe crashed my XML-File in a way, I couldn’t recover… (no: I did’t do a backup… because in my mind there was no reason at this time)

Is anybody there how could give me a practicable way, I will get a new Playlist of the Data in Project-Folders? My Problem ist, I did it in stereo and there are more then one files for a region. A new cutting is no problem.

I hope you can help me. Also I want to know, what is the reason for the crash. Is this the Memory of my Computer, or a buffer-line? I couldn’t understand, why there isn’t a mechanism this buffer doesn’t crash my Project.
Maybe somebody should do a Bugreport, if there is somebody else things the same.

Thanks a Lot for your Time and Help!