Crash after Plugin Scan Complete

Hi There … ;

Yesterday I created a Project (96Khz, 32Bits) on an external USB-HDD . Exited and closed the program fine .

This morning I tried opening the same project, but now Ardour crashes immediately after Plugin Scan Complete-message .

I know there are some 64Bit VSTs in my Program Files (x86)-folder, and that is the directory I’ve listed in the plugin-preferences .

I’m using the latest Ardour4-64Bit version .

My Audio-Interface is a Behringer UMC404 .

Anyone Help ?

  • Toni S -

Hi, If you can get me some more info… I can take a look:

Firstly, what are the 64-bit plugins you have… are there demo versions I can test with?

Next, which version of Windows are you running on?

Finally, to help us understand why it is crashing can you do the following:

  • get and install a debug build from
  • Start -> Ardour -> Ardour (GDB)
  • a command-terminal comes up -- don't panic :) Ardour starts normally
  • When ardour crashes (or hangs,..) . Do not press the "Close application, to MS" button.
  • go to the command window. press Ctrl and C to get a command prompt.
  • type
    thread apply all bt
    and press enter
  • type quit and press enter
  • phew. The hard part is done.

In your user’s home folder (start-menu > User’s Documents or simply use the Expolorer to go to you Documents) there is now a file ardour-debug.log.

Attach this to a bug-report on along with a brief description how you produced that crash, and ping me back here (or on IRC, handle dynamicsamurai) so I can take a look at it.

Also, can you try copying the 64 bit plugins elsewhere?

And are you running a 64bit Ardour?


Does creating a new session work?