Crash after export on Ardour 7

Hi there,

I found some threads about crash on export, but no one corresponds to this situation.

It crash mostly when I close analysis window. Sometimes just before, and in this case the file is corrupted.
I use Jack2 on Kubuntu up to date+KX repositories. Cadence and Claudia are used as jackd GUI and session manager.
To (probably) exclude some hypothesis found on the forum:
-I use Ardour 7.1 from the website
-Issue began after upgrading from 6 to 7
-No bridges are started, pulseaudio is not installed
-happens on any session, with all my devices (RME fireface UCXII and other class compliant devices)
-some sessions have been made on V6, even on V5, and was working good before.

Sound is my job, I hope we can fix that soon…
Thank you for your help.

Ardour bug request tracker information

Web forums are good to find if others know of the same problem, but detailed information should be entered in the bug tracker to make sure the report is not lost.

Also see

ok, I’ll try to fill a bug report…
in the meanwhile I noticed it only crashes if “save a mixer snapshot” (or something like that, I have it in french) is selected…

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Same behaviour here, on LibraZiK4. If ‘Analyse Exported Audio’ in the Export window is selected, Ardour crashes after export is done when clicking on ‘Close’ button in the ‘Export/Report Analysis’ window.

double free or corruption (!prev)

Happened with Ardour 7.0 (from, 7.1 (from LibraZiK repo) and 7.2 (demo version from
I’ll try to get a backtrace with debug version.

I open an issue on Mantis.

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thank you for reporting sub26nico! :upside_down_face:

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