Crackling on one sound card but not another

I’m running Ardour on a system using pipewire for audio handling. I’ve been trying to work out a configuration that will let me run MIDI input from my USB MIDI keyboard into Ardour. So far, I’ve had the most success with JACK backend, as I can play the keyboard and listen to the audio come through on the master output. But approximately once a second there’s a brief period of crackling audio. I’m able to partially resolve that by launching Ardour with PIPEWIRE_LATENCY="128/48000" ardour7. But interestingly, that only resolves the crackling if I make the master output go to my USB DAC, and not to my motherboard sound card.

Output of pactl list sinks is at Sink #60 State: SUSPENDED Name: alsa_output.usb-E1DA_E1DA__9038D_PCM32_384_D - The USB DAC that doesn’t crackle is the E1DA, and the motherboard sound card is the HD Audio Controller. I don’t see any differences between them in e.g. sampling rate that would account for one crackling but not the other.

Anyone know how I can troubleshoot this and try to get the motherboard sound card working without crackling?