CPU usage higher when not playing anything.

I checked my CPU usage with top plus the system monitor and I noticed that when ardour was not playing anything back it used 54% of the CPU. Once playback was started this value dropped to 10-11%. Why?

I had an similar issue on my system using cpufreq. did you load those modules on your system and does your processor support cpufreq ?

Marc-Olivier Barre,
Kinoko en Orbite

Yeah I was suing TAP and CAPS plugins in that session. But they were both compiled using the sse and sse2 flags…
Well, doen’t matter as long as playback and record will still work nicely.

Has anyone recorded a triggered Drumkit with Hydrogen to use the sampled drumtracks in conjunction with the mic’ed ones in ardour??

Are you using any plugins with your session? Sometimes plugins have problems with denormals that can cause this type of problem.