Cover - Yodelice - Sunday With a Flu

Hi folks,

Sharing yet another cover. This time from French singer Yodelice’s “Tree of Life” album that was released in 2009.
Like the previous Coldplay cover, the full mix has been made by our guitarist who’s a Logic Pro guy but I recorded my backing vocals, bass and drums (MIDI) with Ardour.
Backing vocals captured with an Eagletone Sense 200 microphone (that was before I acquired the Aston Origin) and Bass simply D.I. - Both through my Audient iD4 interface and into Ardour.


Hi Vincent!

Well I for one would rather hear a good cover than a bad original, I also always am weighing the balance of doing ‘known’ stuff rather than ‘own’ stuff… But in this case I think you’ve all done another phenomenal job on the whole production, the song is upbeat, the mixing and production sound great and the Video is a really important part of the presentation…

One thing I wonder about for a group layout like yours is… why canned drums instead of hand percussion? In this song (and ‘Clocks’ to a much smaller degree) the production is very full and well done but the programmed drums bring a sterility that kind of works against the excellent work you’ve done on everything else…

I think a song like this that is kind of Indie and quirky would sound much more warm and organic with a Cajon, some bongos and egg shaker and a tambourine, none of those items are very expensive and with your good mics and mixing skills they could be made to sound very full and would bring an earthy warmth to the sound and be more reflective of an acoustic based trio

Just a suggestion and just what I hear, all in all your productions sound great and are really fun to watch, more please!!

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Thanks for the kind words and feedback Glen !
I totally recognize what you suggest. I think it boils down to neither of us having real percussion skills or never actually giving it a shot so we just take the no effort road :sweat_smile:
We actually have a cajon, tambourine, shaker where we rehearse ! We just never bothered …
So thanks for the suggestion, we shall definitively give it a try !