(COVER) The Strokes "Hard to explain"

Hi All,

Just wanted to share a track made in ardour entirely (xubuntu), also using hydrogen, guitarix, rakkarak, audacity, and calf plugins.

This is my final mix and hasn’t had any “mastering” type adjustments yet.

Any input would be great!

Great job with the cover!

Here are the first things that I would start playing with, to see what does or doesn’t improve the sound:

Bring kick up a little

bring cymbals up, and maybe try a really subtle flanger or something…to try to get a little variety in the sound so that they don’t jump out as being so obviously programmed. Maybe put the flanger/phaser on a separate bus and then re-blend to taste on a ‘master overhead’ track.

pan the guitars out further…this may not be completely applicable to the style of the strokes, but i usually pan different takes of same guitar tracks to opposite sides, so Guitar 1 is at 90% L and R and Guitar 2 is 70% L and R.

everything sounds a bit dry and DI…which i think could be smoothed out with some healthy reverb, on drums, vocals and even guitars in this case. (but different for each)
or a slight analog delay on the vocals…something to glue everything together in the same room

it also seemed like there might be some masking in the hi-mids in the main guitar too, could be worth poking around with a little EQ cut somewhere

anyway, those are just my first thoughts…it sounds good though, and you’ve got good stuff to work with! the real core of the song feels like it’s already there to me

What effects did you use for the vocals? It works very well both within the mix, and matching the strokes original version!

Thanks, those are good recommendations, I’ll try those for sure. It does sound a little dry I agree so I’ll tinker with things a bit.

I used guitarix to get the vocal sound…not a preset, just started from scratch and reworked a basic overdrive sound.

Thanks for listening and the ideas - I’ll post back when I update the mix. Cheers!