coupling functions

I don’t know if it is yet possible, but I would like to send two tracks in an aux-send in the same time, and more generally control the most functions possible in the same time for two or more tracks.

Not sure i understand what you are asking, can you give an example?

For instance sending two tracks to an aux at the same time is not only doable, it is expected and generally why aux sends exist. Not really sure that I am understanding what you want though.


You can control many functions for several tracks at once if you join them in a mix group.
Below the faders there’s a button named “Grp”. Click that and create a group and then assign the other tracks to it.

You can’t use it to control plugin settings and such, but if that’s what you want you either just drag and drop the adjusted plugins to the other tracks or you route the tracks to a bus and put the plugins there.