Couple of tracks I made with Ardour and other OSS

hey everybody. i’ve got several music projects going on. i use open source software for pretty much everything. i do all of my synth/instrumenal recorcing on a linux box running ardour/jack/h2/jamin/etc. right now, i’m doing the vocals on a mac running ardour/jack/etc because i’m working through a line-in noise problem on my linux machine. oh well. i’d be extremely appreciative if you guys would check out my stuff and let me know what you think.

there are several tracks up right now; but, the only done song i’ve got uploaded is called ‘ethan’. it’s actually been getting some (very) modest play in a couple of the bars and coffeeshops here in seattle. anyway, the rest of the tracks up there are just early demos, for the most part.

thanks in advance for your input.

matthew pants