Count In...?

Hi folks,

im new to Ardour and would like to know if there is a funktion called count in? Other DAWs can count 1 or 2 bars before they start recording. I didnt find this on Ardour.
Can you guys help me?



if you don’t record from the 0 of the timeline (which you don’t have to, you can set up your start marker where ever you like), then there’s no need to have this count. Just set up a punch range where you want to have recorded material, press the big punch-in button (and punch out if you want to limit the end of the recording). Arm your track for recording, activate the transport record button. Then start the transport well before the punch range to give yourself some time to prepare. When the transport reaches the start of the punch range, it will “punch in”, i.e. enable record at that very moment, until it reaches the end of the punch range (and the punch-out button has been toggled on beforehand).