Could We Have a Trim Plugin?


Congratulations on Version 5.0. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet however I’ve read about the New Features and see that Ardour now comes with some basic plugins. Would it be possible to include a Trim plugin in this set - I find myself using a Trim plugin quite often, especially for gain-riding pre-compression. Anyway, just an idea.



Actually, is there a place where requests for new features are officially logged?

Feature requests should go on the issue tracker:

Ardour already has a trim (+/-20dB) at the top of every channel-strip. And there is a-amplifier (which is a trim plugin) +/-20dB. Do you need anything more specific?

Thanks for pointing out the Trim control on each track - I’d never noticed it.

I had a look at the notes on the website for the 5.0 release and it mentions the following:

A side-chain enabled compressor with the usual controls.
A reverb that finds a balance between sounding good, using a lot of CPU and having too many controls.
A nice sounding 4-band parametric EQ with shelves
A basic single-tap delay line, with tempo sync
a-high/low pass
Independent high and low pass filters with steepness up to 48dB/octave.

No mention of a-amplifier - but it’s there so that’s great.


Look in the program for plugins, not on the website :slight_smile:

A few “small” utility plugins didn’t make it on the release-notes: a-midimonitor, a-Inline Scope, and there’s a Spectrogram, too.

like a-amplifier they’re actually lua scripts. A nice side-effect from that is that the port-count adapts when you drag those plugins from one track to another with different channel configuration (LV2, VST cannot do that)