Could Ardour be used as an OS for a Mackie D8B?

Hi Guys,

I’ve been using Ardour a a few years now, and really love it.

As a Mackie D8B user, I was wondering if Ardour could be used/customised to actually control the Mackie D8B instead of the proprietry Mackie OS?

The D8B is an amazing mixing desk and has a huge user base, but is now sadly unsupported. It runs from a dedicated Pentium based box which controls all the DSP and plugins on the hardware mixer.

There is a huge interest in a new OS for the D8B and was just wondering if this is at all feasible.

I (lead developer of Ardour) happen to own a D8B.

It would not be impossible to install linux on the D8B. however, the task of figuring out how to control the DSP’s and mechanics on the rest of the PCB’s in there is likely to be an immense task if Mackie weren’t interested in giving out specs (which I suspect they are not). Its also not clear how you could do this in a “safe” way (i.e. without wrecking your ability to boot back into the Mackie OS).

What might be interesting is to rip out the existing mobo and install a new one. If all else fails, reinstall the old mobo and pray you didn’t stomp on any EEPROM or SRAM anywhere :slight_smile:

Hi Paul. Yeah I thought that might be the response. I’m sure the DSP processing management would be a nightmare.

As a programmer myself, I just thought it may be a great idea to try and get breathe some new life into the D8B.

Image a D8B with a unix based OS (supporting USB, ethernet cards, Firewire etc) and all the beauty of the D8B’s hand on mixer approach.

24 Channel HUI, improved graphical interface…I suppose I can dream. thanks anyway.