corrupted session file


i have an ardour session file in version 2.8.11 which i can no longer open. i am, however, able to open this with version 3.5.74, which is installed on my laptop.

when opening the corrupted session in 3.5.74 i lose all the panning information.

is there any way to open this in 3.5.74 and still retain the panning information?

ideally, i’d like to just be able to open this file again in 2.8.11 (which is what i still have installed on my studio computer). any hints on how to do this? i’ve looked through the collection of posts about saving corrupted session files on the ardour blog, but none of these solutions did the trick for me.

thanks for any help!

you will lose panning information if you open a 2.x session with 3.x. no way around this. the panning model changed totally.

thanks for your reply. any hints on how i can re-open this file again in 2.8.11? i could go ahead and enter in all the panning information again in v. 3.5.74 but this would be a major pita…

ardour 3.x will have copied the original session file with a “.2000” appended to the name, within the session folder. just tell ardour 2.x to use that one.

thanks again for your reply.
am i right to assume that this .2000 copy will also have lost all panning information?

it should be a perfect copy of the session BEFORE it was opened by ardour 3.x.

great, thanks so much again for your help. much appreciated.

well, i tried using ardour 3.x’s copy of the original session file with the “.2000” appellation, but the session still wouldn’t open.

what happens is the following: the session starts to load but then the cpu and ram usage start to soar, to the point that everything is topped out at 100% and the session crashes.

is there anyway to determine what is causing the cpu and ram to max out?

thanks again for any help.

just wanted to let everyone know – anyone, that is, who might encounter a similar problem one day – how i finally resolved this problem: i added another 2 gb ram to my computer. this gave me enough working memory to open the session again. strange that i’d never encountered this problem before, but there you have it.