corrupted my ardour file? Is there a fix?

So I zoomed way down to the sample level, which caused my computer to hang. I eventually resorted to rebooting the machine, and now the ardour session freezes whenever I tried to load it. I fear there is a corruption in the xml… is there someone who can help me recover?



Uh that would be Paul, not sean;)

But glad it worked for you.


OMG, seablade, sean, you guys have saved my independent score of my friends independent film! I will give you free movie tickets and bare you a son!

did not seem to do it, Paul. I rm’ed both of the instant.xml and it still hangs- any other ideas for fix?

You need to rm both of these files while ardour is closed, and at the same time. Otherwise they propogate each other and you have this problem again.


Remove /the/path/to/the/session/folder/name/instant.xml and possibly ~/.ardour2/instant.xml

Obviously substitute the real “/the/path/to/…” in the above example.