Correcting a volume peak

Hi all. I have some parts of the track where are peaks. Quite few, but I’d like to know if there’s a way to correct them or I have to re-record those little parts.
I haven’t mixed anything yet.
Thank you

I’ve read something about Ardour normalizing tracks on exporting. I guess it’s better I don’t use the limiter since the peaks are very few. Alex, I’m still experimenting. I noticed, for example, than the IN volume while the track is armed and ready to record is actually higher than the volume that you get in the track while is recording, after you pressed also PLAY.

@telover: then limiter would do the job well, but next time you better avoid any clipping: in digital, you can’t restore clipped signal.

Are the peaks valid audio or are they errors like clicks ?

If they belong to the audio you can use a limiter to level them down.

If they are one sample wide clicks then you need some software to get rid of them. I’ve used a commercial product: iZotope RX DeCrackler to get rid of these. Many years ago when iZotope products did not exist I removed clicks from a recording using Audacitys “Repair” effect. You need to select each click individually because the effect can only handle 128 samples at a time, but it works. I cleaned a 2,5 hour recording that had constant clicks due to bad sync and It took me about two hours to do so :slight_smile:

Hi mhartzel and thank you for the answer. I don’t know what you mean with clicks, the peaks are few points where the instrument I was recording was too loud and hit the red spot.

The peaks will be problematic only if you leave the “float” domain which hasn’t a hard “clipping” limit for sample values > 1.0. By default Ardour is using float datatype to store samples. Make sure you limit to < 0dBFS before exporting to say 16 bit 44.1kHz format. Your recording is not lost.

… assuming that your audio interface didn’t clip beforehand and delivererd “crippled” samples.