Correct workflow with buses and latencys

Hi there.

I have been recording songs for several years using ardour… but allways as amateur, in my homemade.

In my last projects i tried to use several buses in my ardour… my tipical estructure is like:

[Several guitar] → [bus guitar] → [mixer bus]
[several guitars] → [bus guitar with reverb and effects] → [mixer bus]

another example could be:

[drum parts] → [bus drum] → [final drum bus]
[drum parts] → [bus drum] → [ reverb and effects bus drum] → [final drum bus]

I try to use this configuration (in the drums example) in orther to have an external bus with the reverb and effects with a totally independent eq and fader control over the exactly sound of the battery.

What is the problem??


In the view logs appears a lot of warnigns about not align latency… Is like the buses has not a latency compensation (or has a different latency than the rest of tracks) and there are problems to aling all tracks.

Im not sure what i am doing wrong… Perhaps i must not to use buses in this way? but… Why would I want buses if I can’t apply effects on them?

im seeing that if i connect the buses with external sends (instead normal routing) then does not appear the “no ALign” warning… Any idea about differences between routes and external sends?

Use aux-sends to busses, avoid direct connections whenever possible.

For details see On Delay Compensation & Recommendations for Routing

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