Copying tracks settings (pugins etc...)

Hello there, I’ve been hunting hgh and but I couldn’t find a way to achieve this… And I can’t believe that’s not possible!!

Here’s the scenario. I’ve recorded several songs played live by a band on a single session. Went back to the studio, splitted every single song into separated snapshots on the same session. I’ve finished editing the first song, and now I want to copy some tracks settings to the next session and… NO WAY!!
I have tried with copy/paste plugins, but it doesnt work between snapshots… I opened two instances of Ardour and dragged effects from one to the other with no results (except for crashing Ardour)… I have tried with the tracks template, but templates can be applied only when tracks are created and not on existing track…

I have a dozen of songs to work on and I’m scared at the idea of starting from scratch every time! Please tell me that there’s a way to accomplish my task!

Thanks in advance.

since snapshots are a way to compare differents settings & editings, not sure that you can easily do what you look for…
Maybe a more tech peron here will confirm?
What you can do is drag & drop plugins in favorites tab in the mixer window, they will keep your settings when you drag&drop they from the fav-tab to a track.

May I ask why you use snapshots to split the songs?

Hi stratoajune, I use snapshots because are a good way to keep the project clean. They are easy to switch from one another and they keep all the recorded material in a single session/folder. It really sounds strange to me that it’s nearly impossible to copy plugins settings…

Thanks for the advice about the Favourite plugins tab. I’ll give it a try.

I try to understand your workflow (maybe to ease mine?)) tell me if it’s wrong :

  • you recorded that band live, no change in miking between songs so you have e.g. A on track 1, B on track 2, etc…
  • when come back in studio, you like to edit/mix the songs so I guess you doesn’t want to move sync between tracks?
  • you didn’t mentionned any re-re intention?

At this point of project, I usually use markers to define beginning of a song for export, PLUS if you (Ctrl+A in edit zone) select all tracks : where you decide to seperate 2 songs, you can add some seconds between tracks to anticipate reverb/echo tails (activate the good option in preferences for select after split). Then edit (remove noises…), add FX busses & aux sends & comp, etc, automate some levels & settings and sleep on it for some days!

When come back to that mix, mark 5 will be beginning of song 5, and it’s really easy to fix start/end of session to export track by track…

HTH; not sure if am really clear and/or in phase with what you’re planning to do, but can take some time if you like too!